Xian The Great Merchant : Gold farming guide Part 1

Since CBT is over last night, now I will share how to make gold in The Great Merchant : Xian ep2. You can do this after One Hour Guide or Second Hour Guide finish with more porters at your formation. This making gold guide income would be static except you got more porters (full STR).

So here is the guide :
1. Pick two city that sells exactly item in its wardrobe
2. Screenshot each wardrobe items
3. See whichever that has different stock. Let says Hanyang sells gun X and have 15000 in stock while Nanjing sells gun X and have 25000 stock. Im 100% sure price of gun X in Nanjing are cheaper than Hanyang. So you can buy gun X at Nanjing, put it in your porters and sold it in Hanyang. You can profit up to 50% for this.
4. Theres one thing you should now, fewer stock doesnt mean its more expensive. Theres around 5-10% margin between stocks that make buy and sell price equal.
5. Always see information at the bottom of your chat, its random but always give highest margin between buy and sell.

This is one of many methods to make millions zin at the very first day. I did see people have 22 millions after a couple hours in the first day of CBT. But theres high risk with this farming guide, your base level would never up except your credit level. Thats why I dont like "Trade Run", maybe I will do it for only a couple days.

I hope with this Gold Farming Guide you can making much gold to make your journey easier. I will post more as soon as posible, because there is many more. But for a while you can read more at The Great Merchant : Xian ep2

How to finish quest kill monsters with multiclient !!

Hello guys, just make some preparation for open beta. I try to play 3 client of xian to finish quest kill Rude Rabbits x50. My hands still cannt connect to my head LOL

Just intermezo after leveling everyday. If anyone new for this game please check my tutorial before HERE

Xian The Great Merchant : Tutorial Part 4 (~2 hours)

Finally I got 10k BP. Its not hard with little trick but you dont get many income from this because what you need now is "Time".

1. After I sold all my porters in Level 30 Porters sold, I recruit six Shamans from training centre. I recruit them because Shaman has the bigest vit at level 1, and vit push BP more than other stat.
2. Back to Sea King and do the boring part : Grinding. Kill hundreds Sea Kings and put all your shamans stat to vit. I did this part around 2 hours.

1. BP 10k
2. Got some cash
Bonus : I got New Battle Spear. When you see "New" it means this weapon has skill as you see below. It will sells for 2-3 mil at current price.

If you from other country, I sugest to buy tank like swordman. So when you get your 10k BP and continue to Infernos, you can sells better than I buy shaman. I did wrong for this, but no good tank at Japan. For me a Ninja in Japan is the best tank because she can summon her shadows to tank (unlimited with magician help), but not many people would buy Ninja vit.

I dont really like this current part since I lost 2 hours for only a couple mil, not like Tutorial Part 3. Remember this is The Great Merchant games, not The Great Warrior so we will focus for money maybe at Part 5.